OnTour Widget

OnTour Widget 4.02

Instantly find concerts


  • Create watchlist
  • Buy tickets
  • Listen to music
  • See tour dates


  • Takes you to OnTour website for most info
  • Can only share on Facebook
  • Side window doesn't always display properly


The OnTour widget has the ambition of making all local concert info accessible right from your desktop. You'll have to type in your city name or zip code after first launching the widget to get it to list all upcoming concerts in your area.

OnTour seems to work in any location and shows famous as well as more independent artists. You can add artists to your watchlist and clicking on one in particular will give you more features.

You'll be able to check out the venue, buy tickets, or see the tour dates of that particular artist. You can also share artists with friends, but disappointingly, this only works with Facebook for the moment.

For most of the features, like seeing tour dates or buying tickets, the widget will open up a Firefox page and take you to the OnTour page.

Annoyingly, you'll have to configure your OnTour account before being able to do anything. As you do this you'll see it's obvious that OnTour encourage you to sign up to use their service to buy tracks online.

However, fair enough, OnTour also gives access to other online music stores such as iTunes or Napster.

In terms of performance, OnTour launched pretty quickly however we did notice that images in the side bar tended not to display.

We also found the list view a bit cumbersome to navigate through.

The OnTour widget makes concerts and information from your favorite artists accessible in a few clicks.

Never miss a concert again! With OnTour you get instantly personalized concert results for whatever city you search. OnTour retrieves concert listings and highlights the artists that match your computer's music library.

OnTour Widget


OnTour Widget 4.02

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